Physics teacher toolbox for Matlab.

Maxim Vedenev,,

It will be toolbox in matlab for physics teachers. It will be visualization of some standart problems in mechanics, electromagnetics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and other. The toolbox will contain standart physics problems visualizations and usefull functions to make own physics visualizations.


Example: ballistic probelm

  It can show body trajectory in real time, accelerated or time step fixed. It is possible to add air friction and wind. All parameters are adjustable. Window is elastic. So it is possible to stretch the window to all screen. Font size will increase automaticly.

Video example:

See code in this zip-file:
Unzip and run ballistics_problem.m in Matlab.

Video example No.2 (electron in magnetic end electric fields):

See code in this
Unzip and run electron_in_field.m in Matlab.


Example: ballistic probelm with mouse

  Simular to previouse GUI but here throw body with mose is possible.

See code in this zip-file:
Unzip and run run_me.m in Matlab.


2d gas simulation interactive

  It is simulation of 2d gas. It is possible to move balls with mosuse clicking the balls.
Clicked ball will get velocity of pointer. Also other controls: accelerate, randome ect.

See code in this zip-file:
Unzip and run run_me.m in Matlab.

Other problems to make:
  • pendulum
  • problem with blocks
  • orbit of body: ellipse, parabola, hyperbola
  • some relativistic problem
  • electric field of charge
  • dipole field
  • electron move in magentic field
  • hydrogen atom
  • other

If you want such visualization developed by me than contact me via email
See my site (matlab projects, comsol project, ideas):